Tracey Devlin

"I am a natural-born organizer. Finding ways to bring order from chaos has always been a creative outlet for me, a form of “therapy” if you will. My mother tells me that when I would get a new toy set, instead of playing with it I would color coordinate all the pieces together first. It was fun to me then and continues to be now.

I got my first taste of organizing at the professional level with a franchise in Jupiter, FL. I loved the work that I did, picked up a few tricks of the trade along the way, and after a few years realized that my heart really belonged on island. I have since privately organized homes, wine cellars, offices, yard sales and more for the wonderful people whom I have connected with in the Nantucket community. Starting my own business on Nantucket was an easy decision for me to make, as it allows me to put my strength and passion into a service I believe in."

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